70yr Old Pensioner Takes The Cash!

With $1650 in cash up for grabs the Texas Holdem Poker League Special Event attracted a large number of poker punters willing to compete for a piece of the cash pie.

Held at the infamous Empire Hotel in the heart of Kings Cross the September 2nd event was a great day for all.

The event was well run with Tournament Director Adrian navigating the hurls of abuse thrown at him by some over heated poker wanna be’s, while event organiser Julius kept the crowds entertained with his daring displays of heroic wizardry learned from Casino days in the Bahamas. (see picture gallery for shots from the day)

The winner (by the slimmest of margins, just one 10,000 chip) was local player and pensioner, 70 year old Charlie. Congratulations Charlie. Top effort.

  1. Charlie                $500     
  2. David                   $500
  3. Jay                       $250
  4. Stephane            $150
  5. Jenn                    $100
  6. Patrick                $ 50
  7. Reubs                  $ 50
  8. Angelo                $ 50

Next months Special Event will on Friday 5th October with a $1,700 cash prize pool .Be sure and qualify for your chance to enter and be the next Sydney Texas Holdem Poker League Champion.